Foundational Model of Anatomy in OWL

Here we collect tools and conversion approaches for the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) in OWL.

A first result is a representation of the FMA in OWL (DL). Our version of the FMA classifies in under 4 seconds using the CB reasoner. If required, this time can be further improved through the use of the EL Vira modularization approach.

This FMA conversion assumes that relations between two classes represent always X SubClassOf: R some Y statements. The conversion is complete in that all relations in the frames version are translated (although we manually removed some template classes in the FMA version available on the Download page). Additionally, domain and range restrictions are added (using a disjunction if there are more than one) from the domain/range fillers available in frames. The code produces a conversion from frames without any additional assumptions added.