PhenomeNET Partner
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    Robert Hoehndorf

    Assistant Professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    He leads the Bio-Ontology Research Group. His research focuses on artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, biomedical informatics and ontology.

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    Paul Schofield

    Has worked for some time at the interface between mouse and human genetics. He has a strong interest in the genetics of Mendelian diseases - what these might tell us about underlying normal processes of development and how these go wrong in disease. Leading a large international team of pathologists he developed the first ontological formalisation of pathology terminology in the MPATH ontology in 1999 and it was this that brought him into the field of biosemantics and the exciting possibilities of a computational treatment of phenotypes across species. Bringing his expertise in medicine and human genetics, together with his interest in mouse biology and genetics to the Phenomenet project was a natural development in a long term collaboration and meeting of like minds. He continues to provide his expertise to Phenomenet and the projects which have subsequently been built on the Phenomenet concepts, tools and platform.
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    Professor Georgios V. Gkoutos

    Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
    Professor in Clinical Bioinformatics

    He is a Professor of Clinical Bioinformatics with interests in the general areas of clinical and biomedical informatics, computational biology, and integrative and translational research aiming at the discovery of molecular origins of human disease and the development of novel diagnostic and intervention strategies.